Calendar of Patron Saints and Cities in Italy

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ALL Italy is wonderful!

Discover EACH MUNICIPALITY with this
Special, unique Calendar

Benvenuto! Welcome to the Calendar of Patron Saints and Cities in Italy!

What is this for?

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To enable you to find new beautiful places to visit in Italy, less known places which may have something interesting for you, whatever you like.

So you are looking for information about Italy? Whether you are completely new to Italy or you have visited it many times, by searching this calendar here you can discover new treasures, hidden little gems.

Everybody knows that Italy is very rich in treasures of art, nature, culture, music, food and wine. The most famous Italian cities are the destination of millions of tourists coming from all over the world, who appreciate all this and also, maybe especially, the character of people, their warmth and hospitality.

But there are also many
less known cities and towns that have a lot to offer to visitors and keep hidden treasures which could be enjoyed by many people, if they only knew about their existence. Virtually every place has something special to show, be it only one beautiful church, square, a palace or some curios thing.

41 sites in Italy are included in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO World Heritage List, which is a list of sites around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity, its cultural and natural heritage.

Italy’s beauty is in its variety, with sea, mountains, countryside, cities, towns and villages, food and wines to please all tastes. So why should all tourists concentrate themselves in a handful of big cities (which are wonderful and deserve all these visitors, although maybe they are even too many for them!) while they could spread themselves all over the peninsula during the whole year? So I invite you to discover these “minor” places in Italy and find your favourite one with the help of the Calendar.

How it works

In Italy there is a strong tradition of celebrations of the city, town or village patron saint. Nearly all places have their own, every year the patron saint celebration is a big occasion, in most cases that day is a local holiday day, with religious rites and a procession, a fair, music, and often fireworks. Sometimes the celebrations last more than one day, they go on for a whole week or even more! In this website you can start searching for one of these celebrations and discover an unexpected lovely place where you could go and spend your holiday while experiencing one of these special occasions, each one with its unique religious and cultural character.

Have you ever found yourself thinking "I'd like to go and visit a new place, maybe when there is a special event”, without knowing how to find the information?

A new way of searching

Here's why the calendar is useful, because everybody knows saints and calendars!

All websites that enable search within their content, require the visitors to type the name of the thing (or place) they are looking for, but it's impossible to look for something you don' know about. For example, if you don't know that a place called "Xy on the wine route" exists (it's a real name, there are six of them!), you'll never think of doing search for it, let alone go and visit it. On the contrary, through a date or saint's name search, you may get to know this place, find it attractive and decide to visit it.

My aim is to create a perpetual Calendar of Patron Saints and places in Italy, to stay on Internet forever.

Each day of the calendar has a saint, or more, and a link to a page with the description of the comune (municipality) of which that saint is the patron, together with a short biography of the saint and his/her relation with the place. You, visitor of the calendar, can search the calendar by date or by name (and in other ways too), for example, search your own name or a particular date, and discover treasures that you’d never find otherwise.

The New Guide of Italy

Woks are in progress, this is going to be the New Guide of Italy written by its residents!

A new way of choosing your destination

Discover Italy and choose your destination by date or by Saint name.
See it like a game! For example:

  1. choose a date and find out in which place there are celebrations for the patron saint or other feasts


  1. choose a Saint name, for example your name, and see where that saint is celebrated or which place has that saint name and when they have a celebration
  1. choose a comune name that you know and see when its patron saint is celebrated there.

There is more about searches in the calendar page.

About Saints

I want to make it clear that, although this is not a religious website, this calendar does’t mean to be irreverent, to lack respect for religion, saints and what they represent to millions of people. On the contrary, I think that saints were men and women who did something very important for their community, and not only for their time, and who received recognition for their work. In fact, in this calendar you can find short biographies of saints and their relation with the place.

I couldn’t stress enough that the keyword to describe Italy is variety: there is a variety of everything, I wouldn’t dare to say that you can find anything, but ... almost. It’s a variety of uses, landscapes, foods, climate, dialects and languages.

By the way, in case you wonder, yes, I’m Italian and love this variety, I myself have been astonished so many times when travelling and seeing so many different things. So I’d like to help you to discover and enjoy them.

Read some little known and curious facts on Italy or find some general information about weather, places, food etc.

To conclude...

I really hope you find this website and the calendar useful to learn more about Italy, its patron saints, its traditions and places and that can help you organise your holiday or business stay in Italy.

Thank you for your visit and have a good journey exploring patron saints and cities in Italy!

When you contact these comuni let them know you found them on

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